Japanese School Uniform

Time for something cute.  Get ready.

Sailor Moon

Who can forget this show?  I know I can’t, it was my first introductory to the world of anime as a child of Canada in the 90s so I will always have a soft spot for it.  I visited 109 Prim in SL because a friend said the sim looked awesome and I was delighted to find this Japanese school uniform in mesh for sale there.  Tickled with nostalgia I knew I knew I couldn’t resist but it was well worth it.  This outfit comes with an easy to use hud available with so many colors and the ability to customize the entire outfit in different color combinations.  It includes an extra variation of the bow-tie via the hud and a long and short skirt and shirt-sleeves for winter and summer.  Color me impressed, I wish my school uniforms had been as cute as the ones from Japan.

I wanted to demonstrate how detailed this bag is so I’ve included two closeups.  It changes with a simple click depending on where you click it.  A click to the zipper opens and closes the bag, it changes color with a click to the side and includes varied held poses (13 total) also activated with a simple click.  The head held animation shown above is my favorite.  I’ve been pleased to see that it can work with many animations in AOs and objects as it overrides the arm placement.

Taken at Animal Crossing [SLurl]

  • Uniform including Shoes & White Socks: 109 Prims – Prism Uniform Sailor [SLurl]
  • Leggings: Zaara – Nishar Leggings in Plum Red [SLurl]
  • Bag: *Edelweiss* – School Bag – Boston  [SLurl]
  • Tamagotchi: Intrigue Co. – Pixel Pets Kitty [SLurl]
  • Mouthie: *Epic* – Kawaii Sketchy Nom-Nom (June Group Gift) [SLurl]
  • Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive in Ice [SLurl]
  • Eyelashes: Delish Rayne (1L!) [Marketplace]
  • Hair: Magika – Somewhere [SLurl]
  • Hairband: Magic Nook – Snow Baby [SLurl]
  • Skin: al Vulo! – Sally in Porcelain black [SLurl]
  • Teeth Tattoo: Acid & Mala Creations – Parted Lips Unisex Teeth Group Gift [SLurl]
  • Eyeshadow Tattoo: ee. – Penintier Eyemakeup (5L! for 4 colors) I’m wearing Pem Peach [Marketplace]
  • Beauty Marks Tattoo: mijn.botique – Face Beauty Moles [SLurl]


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