Rainy Wish

I love this dress!  It’s classic, cute, wonderfully textured and free.  It makes me want to skip through the streets of Paris & yes those are hoof high-heels and there are birdies sitting on top of my elven ears.  I enjoy putting a twist on chic, I am also wearing matching Cheshire cat armbands and purse.  It’s hot and sunny outside right now and I’m dying for some rainy fall weather so I can wear something like this.

Taken at Cupcake [SLurl]

  • Dress: Celoe – Chelsea Dress (Group Gift) [SLurl]
  • Shoes: Ju – Milady in Red (@ Meow Sale) [SLurl]
  • Stockings: [EF] – part of Allnighty Winter [SLurl]
  • Socks: +mocha+  – Loose Socks  –  Plain Dirty in Beige [SLurl]
  • Purse: WTG – The Cheshire Cat Baggage [SLurl]
  • Armbands: WTG – The Cheshire Cat Wrist-belt (Free Mini-Mania) [SLurl]
  • Necklace: WTG – Clover (March Group Gift) [SLurl]
  • Nails {incl. Moon Ring}: Candy Nail – Midnight Dream [SLurl]
  • Hat: Ocello – Madgothic Hat [Creator: Ayaka Ocello]
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills – Brrree in Pancake [SLurl]
  • Eyes: SU! Suicidal Unborn – Phantom Eyes in Veins Dark + [SLurl]
  • Eyelashes: Wasabi Pills – Drama Queen Eyelashes [SLurl]
  • Elven Ears: [Plastik] – Elf Ears Burdy [SLurl]
  • Skin: al Vulo! – Sally in Porcelain Black [SLurl]
  • Makeup Tattoo {eyeshadow+lipstick}: La Malvada Mujer – Cinema Muto #1 [SLurl]

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