Bryn Oh’s Virginia Alone exhibition sim is not to be missed!  It is a house on a rolling hill island with an elderly woman inside and some eccentric things like piles of shopping carts, plastic bags blowing in the wind at the end of every bare tree branch and huge gusts of dandelion seeds floating about.  The story behind it which you can read at the port in is touching and gives the experience of this exhibition that much more depth, it is a hauntingly interesting place to visit.  The sim is very dark so I did change the windlight settings for some pictures to make the outfit I’m wearing more visible however the darkness in my opinion is necessary for the overall experience.

I visited Euphoria Limited Bazaar early enough to grab this cute mesh cardigan by Toki-Doki.  There are only 100 copies of each item sold at this event and it changes up every two weeks.  Not to worry though – Toki-Doki has the same mesh cardigan in plenty of colors and patterns at her mainstore too so check it out if it already sold out.

  • Cardigan: Toki-Doki – Summer Nights Cardigan [SLurl]
  • Flower: LaGyo – Leilani Corsage (Free Gift) [SLurl]
  • Top: – Ballet Tee [SLurl]
  • Shorts: Zaara – Light Denim Shorts [SLurl]
  • Tights: Q – Cosmic Leggings (15L!) [Marketplace]
  • Socks: Doppleganger – Scrunch Socks [Closed]
  • Shoes: *G-Field* – Strap Shoes “Alex” Patent [SLurl]
  • Hair: D!va – Marie in Cat’s Eye (Group Gift) [SLurl]
  • Hairband: monso – My Bunny Band tinted (Group Gift) [SLurl]
  • Nails: [Mad Echo] – Sculpted Hey Panda Short Nails (10L!) [Marketplace]
  • Eyes: Chus! – Twilight Baby Light part of Voo Doo Mer pack [SLurl]
  • Teeth: DAMNED – 3d Parted Lips [Marketplace]
  • Collarbone Piercing: Puncture – Dermal Gemstone [SLurl]
  • Jewellry: Je Suis – Nocturne Owl Set, Bangles & Braclet [Returning Sept]
  • Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Lene (Lucky Board) [SLurl]
  • Tattoo {Eyelashes}: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Pointed Lashes (Lucky Board) [SLurl]

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