I’m dreaming this and I’m dreaming that

Violent Seduction just released some extremely cute original mesh shoes that I adore and let me tell you how awesome they are. They come in a whole slew of different colors but there are 4 main styles: Candy Striper, Pastel Vomit, 2spooky and Dark Basic and each style comes with its own HUD to change the textures of the heel and star. Depending on which style you purchase you will get one of these four huds with all the colors of your chosen style to change the heel to.  All four hud styles also get five different colors of stars to choose from. The great thing about these huds is that they will work with any of the shoes so you could create your own unique combination. For example I got the black and white stripe shoe from the 2spooky pack and used the hud that came with a Pastel Vomit shoe (hud pictured below) to change the heel to match my outfit. Alternatively, I could use the Pastel shoe with the 2spooky hud to apply any of those textured stripes to the heel.

O.M.E.N put out some Star accessories for SFW that go nicely with these new shoes. SL Fashion Week is a weekly event that switches up every friday and there’s usually lots of fun things there. My favorite this round being the You’re a Star rings, bracelets and earrings set and not just because they match my new shoes.

I have TWO amazing freebies on today. YES this wonderfully detailed mesh corset was a free group gift! In order to get it go to Deviance‘s main store and subscribe to the update group (it’s free) then click the mailbox on the left of it, select 1 – Deviance – Eros Jungle Corset – Group Gift [2013-06-14] and hit deliver. It comes in two pieces so it can be worn with or without the hip part that I have on which makes it more versatile. If you want more colors there are plenty of others you can purchase, it comes in leopard prints and basic colors as well.

My mesh eyes are a free gift for June from .Insufferable Dastard. The gift is located at their main store on the left wall for $0L and these eyes compliment Deviance’s corset gift so well.

Don’t miss the 50% OFF SALE going on at Alice Project on all their hair and color HUDs.   I took advantage of it and bought the hair I am wearing.  They have a new Create Your Own purchasing system which lets you choose one color for cheaper than the Infinity Pack, details here.  The sale is on until June 27th so enjoy!

Dark Unicorn

Violent Seduction with HUD

Location: Miniascape – Death Valley



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