You really are my ecstasy

Violent Seduction has a new gacha out for only 35L play! I put together a fun look with one of the necklaces.  They are all in Japanese and the one I’m wearing reads kawaii which in case you’ve been living under a rock means cute.  There are 5 styles and various different colors in the gacha.  They are editable mesh so you can re-size them as needed.  Here is a list of the five styles in the gacha, translated by Iki.  Keep in mind the necklace itself is in the Japanese alphabet:

Ai – Love
Baka – Idiot
DokiDoki – It’s like “Thump Thump” of a heartbeat
Kawaii – Cute
Kuso – SHIT!

You can find my cute bow & skull hair clips at the Mes Brics à Bracs accessory event this month.  The hair clips are modifiable mesh and they come with a hud that’ll change them to 18 different bow colored textures and 4 different skull textures.


Location: [Ink] at Never Land



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