Every night we’ll watch the stars

It’s The Gallery Gift Shop‘s 2nd anniversary and +Half-Deer+ released some Firefly antlers at the event for only 99L.  After the event they will be priced regularly so go check it out while they’re cheap!  +Half-Deer+ also made the panda balloon stool I am afloat on in the last picture.  You can find it in The Gallery Gift Shop‘s anniversary hunt for 0L.  The hunt items are inside picture frames and there’s a notecard with hints at the front of the store.  There are so many cute items this year so good luck & happy hunting!

Violent seduction has a new dress out for the Genre event this month. Genre is a a monthly event that focuses on cutesy Lolita fashion and everything is priced 100L or less. You can find the dress I’m wearing there until the end of the month and then it will be at Violent Seduction’s mainstore at full price. It comes in 5 bright colors and with the matching hair bow.  The white shirt I am wearing is also included but it also looks great without it for a more revealing look.

My skin is a free summer gift from Rozena.  Hurry up and get it because it will be gone forever in 4 days.  No need to join a group or subscribe, just drop by and buy it for 0L!  It’s located near the entrance of the store below Rozena’s mailing list.

every night we'll watch the stars

they'll be out for us

float on

Location: Hazardous & Inaka



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