I’m wishing.

It’s nice to be back! I recently moved and went through some crazy issues getting internet set up at my new place. Now that the nightmare is over I’ll be blogging more frequently again.

I’ve had my head in the clouds lately so my look today is all about forest folk like fairies and elves, magic, dreams, wisps and ethereal things. +Half-Deer+’s creations always make me feel magical when I wear them so naturally I had to drape myself in them. The skin I am wearing by ~Alchemy~ is one of my favorite to put on when I am in this kind of mood. Elephante released an elegant pose set for close ups with hands called Close Your Eyes. If you’re a huge fan of birds like I am then do check out the sparrows by Schadenfreude perched on my shoulders and finger. They are beautifully textured and come with versions that animate, chirp or sing as well. Definitely one of my favorite purchases since I’ve been back.

I'm wishing.

I'm wishing.

Location: Cours



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