Last Chance!

Candy Fair!  Last Chance!!

Candy Fair!  Last Chance!!

Candy Fair!  Last Chance!!


I know lots of things are going on this month but right now it is your last chance to get all these sweet Candy Fair exclusives before they all get eaten up. You better hurry because Candy Fair closes at 12:00AM SLT on October 19th so tomorrow is your last day!
I’ve labored over including all the SLurls directly to the designer’s Candy Fair booths for your last minute wants & needs.  As always if you get lost check the map over at Candy Fair’s blog.

Click for more information, full credits & SLurls

Fun Facts that you may not know about a few things I’m wearing:

The Hard Candy Jellies Sandals by The Sugar Garden’s (tsg.) work perfectly with Slink feet and they are available in 16 different colors, each one comes with a hud to change the balls to your choice of 16 different colored textures.

//elephante poses// released thirty-four amazing exclusive poses for the fair that you should pick up if you haven’t done so already! //elephante poses// collaborated with *.{yumyums}.* and Lark so you can not only hold on to the props they made but you can interact with them too via the poses.  It makes taking cutesy pictures that much easier.  The poses released for Candy Fair were made to work in conjunction with the hard candy purse (by *.{yumyums}.*) that I am wearing and the rest are themed trick-or-treat Halloween poses that you can use with Larks darling candy filled trick-or-treat buckets.  In my opinion these are must have if you love October and Halloween as much as I do. //elephante poses// other exclusives for the fair include a 50L a play gacha for the lollipop headband I am wearing and three sets of Slink nails appliers for hands and feet.

*Epic* crafted a mad cute dress that I am wearing in the first and second picture. It also includes a matching bow & donut headpiece as well as Lolas/Lush and Phat Azz appliers.  *Epic* is the main reason I went out and bought some brand new mesh boobies.  I narrowed them all down and couldn’t decide between Mirage and Lush so I got both and I am NOT disappointed.  I won’t go into a diatribe of the pros and cons of each mesh boobie today so I’ll just say I hope *Epic* keeps those cute appliers coming.

[CIRCA] was late to the Candy Fair so you may have missed out on their booth.  [CIRCA]’s Candy Fair exclusives are a rock candy cocktail rings gacha for 35L a play, rock candy sticks gacha (the trees are rares) for 25L a play, Halloween decor trees, various touchable sweets platters and a candy themed lounge set.


Left Look /// Second Picture

Right Look /// Third Picture



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