Halloween is coming..

Halloween is coming..


.tsg. Skins & Loudmouth

Cutest shoes ever!

Violent Seduction released this masterpiece of a dress and I am in love with it. There are so many ways you can wear it since the skirt itself, the skirt’s cage and lace over-skirt are all different rigged mesh pieces. I have a thing for monochrome outfits but if you prefer colors it comes in six others that will match a Regal Crown & Sceptre set if you won one from Violent Seduction’s recent Gacha release. I wore mine with them and rigged mesh sleeves from The Lolita Blouses. Check out some other ways you could wear this dress.

Click for more information, full credits & SLurls

You get tons of stuff when you buy the Criminal dress so have fun making up your own combinations. What you get: rigged mesh cage skirt, rigged mesh underskirt, rigged mesh lace overskirt, rigged mesh corset, 3 breast appliers in different styles (bra top, full top, full top with lace <<< wearing!), 3 system layer shirts in different styles (bra, open shirt with sleeves, open shirt without sleeves), head bow cage, cage collar, system layer pasties.

.tsg. released the Bunny skin in beautiful fantasy tones for The Azz Show. Since this release is part of an event it includes pretty much every applier under the sun when you buy it. I lovelovelove all the skin tones, perfect for Halloween but I’ll be wearing them ALL year round. The skins are photographed in order as follows: Nymph, Witch, Vampy, Phantra, Kamael. I wore mine with .Loud Mouth.‘s Alli lips (+add-on vampire teeth) that .tsg. so wonderfully included appliers for.

////// Clothing /////

////// Accessories /////

  • Sceptre: Violent Seduction – Lolita Sceptre Silver/Black RARE – Regal Accessory Set Gacha
  • Crown: Violent Seduction – Regal Crown Silver/Black RARE – Regal Accessory Set Gacha
  • Horns: [ContraptioN] – Clemantlers – Free Lucky Board!
  • Wings: [europa] – Shryke Wings – Tattered Vamp – We ❤ Role-Play!
  • Bat – Animated: *MishMish* – Pooky The Bat – Halloween Group Gift – 100L to Join
  • Pumpkin Bucket: Lark – Pumpkin Candy Bucket

////// Body /////

////// Decor /////

////// Face Line-up Credits Left to Right/////


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