Not Giving Up!

Not Giving Up!

Not Giving Up!

Not Giving Up!
Not Giving Up!
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There is a new round of Lubbly Jubblies going on and you can get this awesome tracksuit by *Epic* there.  If you love wearing boobies & love seeing them all dressed up in hot clothes you’ll love this monthly event!  The tracksuit does in fact come with a shirt but I wanted to put my own twist on the outfit so I added one from Blah.  You get the cute little weights with it too!  It also works with regular avatars as well, not just us girls with big butts and boobies.

*Epic* also made her Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers compatible with Phat Azz!  You can get these at The Azz Show this month.  They use invisi-prims to hide the Phat Azz legs from the knee down so you will have to make sure that your viewer’s graphics options have the Advanced Lighting Model turned off to see them correctly.

Location: Skybox by Abiss


////// Clothing /////

  • Tracksuit includes rigged mesh jacket, top, shorts, weights & appliers for tangos/lush & phat azz: *Epic* – *Epic Bombastic* Kawaii Gym Bunny Set – Lubbly Jubblies
  • Top includes regular av version & tango/mirage appliersBlah. – Sweet Crop Top Gacha – 50L Per PlayHello Titty Slots
  • Socks/Hooves includes brown, black and no hoof option*Epic* – Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers – The Azz Show

////// Accessories /////

  • Horns & Wings: . a i s l i n g . – Lil Devil Gacha – 50L Per Play – Truffles RARE
  • Tail: Hyperborea – Devil Tail
  • Work Out Headband: Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles + 80’s Headband – 5L Cheapie
  • Eatable Candy Necklace each candy is edible by you and your friends simply detach & re-attach necklace to replenish candies: R(S)W – Eatable Candy Necklace
  • Bag: *Tentacio* – Cuqui Bag – Panda version
  • Stars: ~*SculptyliciouZ*~ – Lunatic Stars – 1L Dollarbie

////// Body /////

Moustache Nails!


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