LuminaryLuminaryClick for more information, full credits & SLurls

Location: [e u r o p a]


////// Clothing /////

  • Outfit includes system layers for regular avatars, mask, bodysuit, jacket & appliers for Tangos/Lush & Phat Azz: *Epic* – *Epic Bombastic* Dark Canary Set
  • Gloves: ::[ P I X E L S ]:: – EssenGloves White
  • Nylons Slink & Phat Azz compatibleBlah. – My Nylon Ombre Stockings
  • Shoes for Slink Medium Feet includes silver and gold options, beige and black options for sole and shoelaces: Blah. – My Satin Bow Pumps – Winter Trend Fair

////// Accessories /////

////// Body /////


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