I am absolutely in love with the +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers Gacha that was featured in this past Arcade event.  I love all of them so much that I collected every single one!  This makes my first Gacha obsession and yes it was an expensive one.

I was heartbroken when Second Life servers ate these rare horns I won from the Gacha at The Arcade.  I rezzed the box and it never appeared!  Nowhere on area search and nowhere in my inventory (being a No Copy item they disappear from your inventory when you rez them).  I got the sim owners to check their parcel details for any items owned by me and they said there weren’t any.  I have a premium account but the Lindens wouldn’t do anything about recovering my vanished item from the twisting nether.  I found a blog that lists some Yard Sales of these past Arcade events.  If you didn’t get an item you really wanted or had something tragic like this happen to you then you might be able to pick it up at these Yard Sales.  Click here for the blog with landmarks to these sales and there is also a HUD available so you don’t have to tab out for the landmarks.  This Yard Sale location has the free HUD and lots of tables for you to sell your extra Gacha items.


Taken at Miniascape [SLurl]


  • Hood: [Aux] – Wild Rumpus Hood – Goat – White [SLurl]
  • Tail: [Aux] – Wild Rumpus Tail – Wolf – White [SLurl]
  • Top: .:villena:. – Studded Sweater [SLurl]
  • Skirt: SU! – Basic Miniskirt [SLurl]
  • Paw Gloves: HOO – Patchwork Paws [SLurl]
  • Paw Boots: PIXELS – Chimera Boots [SLurl]
  • Wand {Animated on mouselook click!}: Curio Obscura – Grand Stellar Staff RARE Gacha [SLurl]
  • Piercings: Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants & Dermal Gemstone (modded: moved to lips), Double Snakebites [SLurl]
  • Horns: +Half-Deer+ – Eternum Antlers (Divinity) RARE [SLurl]
  • Choker: c( Two Cats one Cup ) – Ink’s Neko Collar of Doom [SLurl]
  • Hair: [elikatira] – Other – Blonde 02 (Modded) [SLurl]
  • Eyes: Chus! – Etheral Halloween Gift (N/A) [SLurl]
  • Eyelashes: Candy Mountain – Falsies in Flutter [SLurl]
  • Teeth: DAMNED – 3d Parted Lips [SLurl]
  • Fangs: [ni.Ju] – Fangs (Free Gift) [SLurl]
  • Makeup: the body co. – Summer in Baby [SLurl]
  • Eyeshadow Overlayer:  Kosh – Smooth Cat Eyeshadow in Bing [SLurl]
  • Skin: the body co. – Summer in Fair [SLurl]
  • Left Pose: Label Motion – Past TDR item [SLurl]
  • Right Pose: Chus! – Rawr Paws [SLurl]

2 thoughts on “Meow-Moo!

  1. <- creator of that HUD here! If you cannot find it, just IM Alexis Stapovic, and ill get a copy of it to you ASAP<3 Also, I'll keep it updated for all of the future arcade events<3

    Also, sorry your horns got eaten! That sucks!

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